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How much stuff can I put into a single layout before it starts negatively impacting performance?

Question asked by user24799 on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2015 by Menno

I plan to build a fairly large solution using a single layout for presentation to the user. I am also planning on using a single record method...displaying each record by loading a primary key into a global field.


I am thinking about using this method because I like how all of the tabs, slide panels and scroll bars maintain their positions when switching between records. If I use multiple layouts all of my tabs and portal scroll positions get reset and I find this to be confusing to the user.


My preliminary testing has worked great and I have not seen any performance issues but I am concerned about hitting a breaking point as my solution increases in complexity. I anticipate having a single layout with approximately 40 different slide panels, 20 different tab panels and maybe 50 different portals. Some of these elements will be in popovers.


Feedback from anyone that has built this type of solution (regarding the advantages and pitfalls) would be greatly appreciated.


The purpose of this post is to have a discussion about how much impact the elements on a layout can have on performance. I know that there are ways to store and recall a user's tab and slide panel selections when switching between layout.