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    How do I find a FileMaker consultant to hire?


      My name is Chet Ross and I am trying to locate someone who can develop a searchable database in FileMaker for a collector of books. I am a book dealer, and I used FileMaker Pro for my database — it is amazing. My system was constructed by someone who has since moved out of town. I have a client who needs a searchable database suited for collector rather than a bookseller, although there are several similarities relative to data entry. He lives in Seattle and would need the database developed and instructions on its use. If you can do this, please let me know, or possibly refer me to a person or organization that can. Thank you. Chet Ross

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          It depends on your budget and your ability to absorb pain. You can email me about it if you like, the_filemaker_guy@yahoo.com.

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            My inquiry stated the need to “hire”. The budget needs to be determined by your analysis of the client’s needs and what it will take to create the database. I am not sure what you mean by pain. I have had a FileMaker database designed before — it took patience and adjustments over time, and the experience was successful and rewarding — not painful. I would prefer to work with someone who looks upon this endeavor in a more positive light. Thank you.

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              Well I offered to share my experience with hiring FM programmers, which is more than yours I can assure you. There are a variety of approaches. Have it your way. Good luck to you.

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                We offer a free consultation. http://www.extensitech.com, during which we'll take a look at your needs, show you some examples of our work, and assess whether we're a good "fit" for you.


                My marketing person will try to kill me for this, but I'd suggest you give ChetRossDesigns a shot, too. There's some serious honesty and self-awareness in his post.


                While ChetRossDesigns may have rubbed you the wrong way, or maybe said it in a way that I wouldn't, he's not entirely out of line. We're going to ask you some tough questions and not supply you with rose-colored glasses. This is partly why we do this for free. It may well be that your requirements are so crystal-clear that there's no need for tough questions... but in that case, we may just encourage you to attempt this yourself. On the other hand, it may become obvious that you're not willing to spend the time to answer questions and get the solution right... in which case, we may recommend that you find another developer.

                Really, if your project is easy, FM is, too, so I'd rather point you in the right direction and let you do it yourself. If it's hard, though, we're here for you.

                Some time ago, a marketing consultant wanted to promote our services with a picture of a hammock and some nonsense about how our clients could relax because we'd take care of everything. I sent him back to the drawing room and suggested a picture of a drill sergeant might be more appropriate. I get too much business from people who had a "nice" consultant who just did what the client asked and never pushed back, and the client ended up with "Homer Simpson's Car". (I'll let you google the reference yourself, if you need to.)

                I suspect ChetRossDesigns is coming off one of those projects where a client thinks everything's easy and obvious, and that they ought to get everything they want, regardless whether it's what they need, whether it makes any sense at all, or whether the client has time to actually explain anything. From your post, I expect you're not like that, but I can sympathize with Chet. Try not to be too hard on him. FM is easy. Venturing into someone's business, doing battle with the egos required to make a business work, telling "truth to power", and fighting the status quo, are not easy at all.

                Think of it this way: do you want a soldier who tells you how easy combat is? Do you want a doctor who always tells you, "this won't hurt a bit"? The consultants who really care about the outcome of your project are somewhat likely to be a bit battle weary.

                I know I'm off on a tangent a bit in defense of Chet, and probably shooting myself in the foot, but his sentiment strikes a chord. (Besides, it's after midnight on a developer forum, so, like most of the time, I'm not in "sales" mode.) To me, that's the voice of someone you want on your side, although maybe he needs a vacation first.


                Regardless, we're happy to do a free consult and see what you need, and whether we're the right people to do it for you. All we risk is an hour or so of our time, and yours. Even if we're not a good fit, I'm sure we'll have a productive conversation, and I'll try to point you in the right direction even if we're not the right choice.


                Chris Cain


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                  This will be my last post on this thread, but just for the record I know personally just about every "name" FM programmer in the US/Europe/and Australia, and a few that aren't, their strengths, weaknesses, prices, from 20 dollars an hour in India to 175-210 for special work like QB integration. Based on his budget and level of ability to withstand pain, which is apparently zero on both counts, I could have offered him at least three options to his original question, which was "

                  "How do I find a FileMaker consultant to hire?"

                  but now, I don't care. Maybe you two will get along great, I hope so,

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                    Wow, maybe I misinterpreted your post, too. Sorry.Genuinely.


                    I can't speak for the OP, but I'd welcome your input. Contact me back channel?


                    Chris Cain


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                      Chet: I am in the Seattle area. You are welcome to contact me by private message here if you would like to discuss this.


                      Chris seems to have confused Chet Ross with dr_john.

                      My interpretation of Chet's statement is certainly quite different from dr_john's.


                      It seems that Chet has express a clear understanding that database development takes client-developer communication, and that this process results in system changes over time as they work together.

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                        Hi Bruce,

                        Thank you for the encouraging reply. Yes, I would enjoy contacting you to discuss. Please send me contact information. Many Thanks, Chet

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                          You're right, Bruce, I got that mixed up, too. That'll teach me to post so late at night.


                          Chris Cain