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      If anyone can assist me with the container problem. I'm trying to create a layout to store reports from different schools but i need these stored in containers.  Attached i have a container table, the fields i will use and the relationship. If this is not the correct way to do the containers please advise me on the best way to create the containers. Thank you.

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          Devon Braun

          It depends on what ID_PK.


          If your goal is for each student entry to have one or more entries in Containers, then you'd want, say StudentID to be unique for each entry in the Students table, put the same field over in Container, and Draw the relationship from Students::StudentID to Container::StudentID.


          From your screen grabs you're connecting ID_PK to SchoolID.  If ID_PK represents the School ID for each student (??), then your relationship would be connecting each Student entry to the Containers table depending on what their School ID is. But assuming lots of kids are going to the same school, all of their entries would relate the same container(s).  Technically that's fine.  It's just a matter of what your goal is.


          It does seem counterintuitive to connect ID_PK (ID Pack?) to SchoolID.  Since your relationship is saying the two entries must be equal to achieve a relationship, it would make more sense that the two fields have the same name to reflect that.

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            Ok so i will have a layout pay with containers. In those containers i have about 30 schools that i need to store data for each school such as PDF files, excel spreadsheets or Mov files. Students will not be mentioned or referred in this relationship. So what will be the best way to do the relationship.

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              Devon Braun

              Depends on your goal.  Offhand it seems like you're looking at two tables: Schools & Containers.  Assuming one School entry may reference multiple Containers, you'll want a unique ID for each entry in schools.  Call it Schools::ID.  Over in Containers you want a field Containers::SchoolID.  Draw your relationship between the two, and allow records to be created on the Container side.  In your layout for Schools put a portal to Containers.  That's the basics.  I'm leaving out your reference to Pay for lack of knowing how that relates.  I suspect there's something more elaborate you're trying to get at.