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    Issues exporting records to FM Server


      Hi everyone,

      I have FM Server running on Windows 2012.  I'm using my laptop now with FM Pro Advanced 14 and I'm trying to make a button, so that when I press it, it exports the records found in a certain format in Excel saving it to FM Server in a shared folder.  I keep getting errors though not sure why.  Here's the 2 scripts I have:


      Button script - Just says "Perform script on server: Run Report"


      Run Report script -

      Export Records, No Dialog, path: filewin:/C:/Users/Public/Opportunity.xlsx


      No matter why I try, I can't get it to save, it always says cannot save Opportunity.xlsx check the path etc.  It's a public folder with all access read/write on all users but won't work.  The only way I've been able to was just as a test doing file:opportunity.xlsx then it says it works, but no idea where it saves it.  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or why it would keep giving that error?  The path is correct:

      C:\Users\Public\opportunity.xlsx.  I've tried C:\Users\Administrator\Public\opportunity.xlsx, tried C:\opportunity.xlsx, C:\Users\, none of them work.  Always says opportunity.xlsx  could not be created, check the drive isn't full etc.  Any ideas?