Get(ActiveModifierKeys) no longer works with FMS14

Discussion created by khsmith on Nov 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by TSGal

Product and version (FileMaker Pro 14.0.2. FileMaker Pro Advanced14.0.3, FMServer

OS and version: Client Mac OSX 10.11, Server: Mac OSX 10.9

Browser and version (for WebDirect only): n/a



Upgraded FMServer software from 13 to 14. Get(ActiveModifierKeys) now always returns 0 when accessed via VPN connection and MacBook pro. Was working fine with same hardware and OS, the only change is the FMServer software upgrade. [ I also applied the latest Mac OSX upgrades to the server host machine.]

I also tried to replicate the problem by using VNC and accessing the data base using a copy of FileMaker Pro which I freshly installed on the server. When run on the same machine as the database, FMPro produced the expected results when scripts were run which store the function's value in a variable and test the variable.

Not sure yet if other workstations on the same LAN as the server will see the function stop working or not. Will find out tomorrow. Client has a mix of Mac and Windows workstations.

How to replicate

Using the data viewer, evaluate the function with various keys held down. Always returns a zero.

Workaround (if any) None known.