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    Grouped information from another table



      I have posted a question about possibilities of grouped information. The example I've used was about colours. Getting a list of colours of the same table could solved.


      But I still have problems to get the result shown in another table.


      We are generating InDesign and QuarkXpress catalogues out of FM DBs. The Information is stored in several tables. Product text pool, colour and material ... text pool and also tables for the definition which products shall appear on each double catalogue page.


      The step I am talking about is the possibility to translate all colour name text boxes which a are placed near the according picture (shirts in several colours with a single text box for each single colour name). Now it would be great to get listed each colour of the actual double page in original and new language to change it via AppleScript.


      If I use the same possibilities as for the calculation in the same table, now of another table I get "?" as the result.


      colour table => grouped colour (no problem)

      colour table -> output table => "?"


      I guess it could have something to do with the timing of the calculation?!


      Does anyone have an idea?


      We are using FM 11 and Mac. (We still must use it as long as it can not be updated at our customers)




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          Are you outputting to an XML file from AppleScript?

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            Hi Chris,


            sorry for the delay. I was a little bit confused as I am two time in this forum what I did not recognized and this was the reason why I could not find the post. Beverly from the support helped me to get back.


            It's not via XML. We use AppleScript to transport information between QXP and FM. In some cases bi directional.

            The article text with position, artcile name, description, material, order no., colour, sizes and prices with style sheets. the colours whitch are used as information directly at the pictures is without style.


            As there are standard colours which appear several time on a double page, it would be better to have a grouped version of the colours german - english (f.e.) The applescript would get one after the other and change every colour of each double page.


            The colours are stored in another table. All colours of all articles of the same double page. I would like to get only one appearance (just like SQL "group by") for each colour. If I calculate it in the original table, no problem. If I want to get it in the output table, it will not work ("?")