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script trigger script ok on fm12,, not responding on fm14

Question asked by joeldroznick on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2015 by joeldroznick

Product: FM Pro Advanced 14.0.3 (9-22-2015)

Windows: 10 Home - Version 6.3 Build 10240 - 64 Bit

Problem: Script

When solution is opened by FM Ver 12 and previous all is OK

When solution is opened by FM Ver 14 (Not Responding, Long Wait)

Script is Triggered on a List View Layout on Record Load

When record is made active prior to clicking on a spefific button all is ok

When record is made active BY clicking on a specific button Not Responding, Long Wait

Script Step - Set Field [ Family_Master::g_RecordNumber; Get(RecordNumber) ]

When Script Step is Disabled all is ok

Other Info:

Runtime created by FM12 is ok

Runtime created by FM14 is ok