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More WebDirect Popover fails w/ 50+ records in List View

Discussion created by Joel Shapiro on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by TSGal

Product and version FMServer - for WebDirect

OS and version OS X 10.9.5 FMS; Mac/Win for WebDirect

Browser and version All Browsers tested (Chrome/Safair/IE Mac/Win)



This seems it may be related to the current limitations with Popovers in WebDirect List View mentioned in "Display pop-over fails in WebDirect after 50 records added".

Even when a Popover is placed in the Header part — which successfully displays even when >50 records — editing fields within the popover fails to update the value in the Body part of the list when there are more than 50(-ish?*) records in the found set.  With fewer than 50 records, the field updates automatically.  With more records displayed, only Refresh Window updates the field display (which can change the scroll location).  Neither Refresh Object nor Go to Field help.


How to replicate

  1. Create a file with 100 records and one field
  2. Create a list layout with a Header & Body.  Place the field in the body.
  3. Place a Popover in the Header.  Give it an object Name ("thePopover") and place the field into the Popover.
  4. Place a button in the Body with a Go to Object [ Object Name: "thePopover" ]
  5. View in WebDirect
  6. Click a record's button to display the Popover
  7. Edit the field in the Popover and click out / commit
  8. Try with 100 records and try with 30 records in Found Set


Workaround Could only find success with Refresh Window, but that can lose the scroll location (in addition to performance hit)


*I did not test to find the exact threshold (+/-50 records…)




(attached gif)