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Discussion created by Handri on Nov 9, 2015
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Hi everyone,

My name is Handri, I am here to get some advices, guides, and may be solutions for my projects.

My level is a beginner for the FMPA14. And I have watched some tutorials on Lynda.com by Chris Ippolite.

I decided to make a solution for a Rental Shop.

Which is the flowchart will be


  1. CUSTOMER will rent a PRODUCTS  è the shop will issue a SLIP (Rental Start Date)
  • è Customer return the PRODUCTS è the shop will issue a SLIP (Rental End Date) & the shop will issue RECEIPT


Products has a SUPPLIER which the supplier items (PRODUCTS) when its rented the SUPPLIER will get a PAYMENT according the SLIPS amount on the items (PRODUCTS) in percentage.


At the end of the month the shop will have to make a report to a supplier (which can be one of the CUSTOMER) and issue a payment to SUPPLIERS.


Tables & Relationship:

  1. Customer(pkCustomerID)
  2. Products(pkProductsID & fkSupplierID)
  3. Slip(pkSlipID & fkCustomerID)
  4. SlipData(fkSlipID & fkProductsID)
  5. Supplier (pkSupplierID)
  6. Payment (pkPaymentID & fkSupplierID)


The Question is :

How I manage the relationship to make this works ?


Screenshot (3).png


Please kindly advice