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Webdirect thread on FileMaker server hangs about once every week

Question asked by user12479 on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by user12479

We are using a professional FileMaker Server hosting service.  About 1 time a week, we find that the WebDirect thread hangs.  The user who is attempting to login through a browser sees the word "Loading ...." but nothing happens.  We find that the database is running and is accessible by FileMaker client.  The hosting service technicians simply "restart the WebDirect thread" and the access is immediately available through the browser.  Are others seeing this behavior of the occasional WebDirect thread hanging ?  Is this an issue that is known to FileMaker development ?   Are there any workarounds to ensure a more stable WebDirect thread ?


The server is a Mac Mini.  All software is updated to the latest versions.  The server software is FileMaker 14.


thanks for any comments regarding fixes or supporting comments to alert FileMaker development to the widespread nature of this issue.