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    Filemaker 14 gives "spinning wheel of death"?


      Greetings from Japan!


      We upgraded to Filemaker 14 after using Filemaker 11 for many years, and there's a lot to love in the new Filemaker, especially the scripting improvements. One thing I'm not a fan of, however, is the seemingly random way all our clients get a hang up, which involves the computers getting the "spinning wheel of death" that requires that Filemaker be force quit and re-opened. The main problem is that we've got a few scripts that need to run for 1-2 hours, opening websites and checking for problems, and I like to leave them running when I leave work, but when I come back the next morning I'll generally have a frozen Filemaker with beach ball of death.


      My question is, are random hang-ups a feature of Filemaker 14, or could we have some fundamental issue on our end we need to track down? It's very random and happens 1-2 times a day to all employees, supposedly. There's no pattern I can identify.


      Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

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          Greetings from Switzerland to Japan!


          Please provide more information about the systems that hang up:

          - OS type and version

          - FileMaker version

          - Network type: stand alone, peer to peer or Server (FMS)

          - Connections over WAN or LAN

          - whatever you deem useful to let us know


          This may help people to get an idea of what happens.

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            HI, hope it's lovely in Switzerland now!


            Server is Filemaker 14 server, updated, running on a Mac Mini

            Clients are Filemaker 14 Pro or Pro Advanced, all updated to version 14.0.4.

            Network, normal LAN and wifi.

            All Mac network, with iMacs and Macbook Pros.


            Basically, Filemaker 14 seems to "hang" and give the color wheel of death, a lot more than any previous version. (I got my start with Filemaker Pro 2.0 for Dummies.) It happens at random times, but since we've been running scripts that load websites and check the source code for problems with products, it's often in the middle of this that it happens. When it happens there's nothing to do but force quit and reload (happily FM14 is much nicer about losing a client on the network than past versions were). I can't any reason why it would happen, but all employees report the hang-ups happening 2-3 times a day at least.

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              We saw this with previous versions, but never found a solution


              Periodic BeachBalls,  office wide


              What we need is an Apple BeachBall "Log",  so we can see what the machines are waiting for


              Since FileMaker was doing nothing unusual ( in our case ) I suspect a network problem ( e.g. bad network card ),  and not server,  but IT was unwilling to investigate


              see also:  https://community.filemaker.com/message/182456



              > Filemaker 14 seems to "hang" and give the color wheel of death

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                Enable statistics logging in Admin console (Database Server: Logging) if not already on.


                What do the FMS Server Stats show in the Admin Console when this is happening? Be sure to also check Client Statistics too. To see past events sometimes better to go directly to /Library/FileMaker Server/Logs/Stats.log & ClientStats.log. This is a bit dated now, but still the best info. on getting a rough handle on what these stats mean: Solving Performance Emergencies with FileMaker Server


                On the client systems (if Mac OS), what does Activity Monitor show for CPU usage, network, and disk usage?


                The above pieces of info almost never provide the answer directly, but can at least give it more focus.