Working with variables

Discussion created by paulatkins on Nov 9, 2015



I am working on a solution for an iOS tool so people's names can be added to a group. Typically all of the potential attendees are known and imported into the db, but occasionally a new one needs to be added. This is easily handled with a new record layout I can jump in and out of.


My problem is I need to make new subgroups on the fly and add members to those groups. I assume the best thing is to make a new table for groups, so the peoples’ records can be related to those groups. Then whilst being in front of a group with a layout in list view showing all of their names, I need to make a new group, then find each person in front of me and add them to that group.


Is this the way I should approach this problem?:

1. add a portal in the header of layout to the groups table allowing me to make a new group

2. make a script that triggers on entering a new group in that portal field that makes the group name a variable,

3. then when I touch on each person to assign them to the group, a script trigger pastes the variable into a field in the person’s record associating them with that group.


I have no experience with variables, what would the scripts look like that load the variable and paste it (assuming this is the most efficient way to perform this)?


Thank you for your consideration.