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Non-profit database text file

Question asked by macstanton on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by macstanton

I work for a non-profit and we help kids with homework. 

We have a text field "code name" and I need to show how many times a kid has called in a report. 

Do I have to make a copy of that text field and make it a summary field, then do a sub summary report?

Or, can I do a Sub Summary report with the Calculation field?

I'm not a complete database newbie, but I'm just getting my feet wet with FM and have done a couple of with this, so anything will be helpful.  I'm using FMP 11.

I'd like for the report to be sorted by County then by School.  But, the main thing is to be able to know the kids (Code Names) who are calling the most. I realize that there may be 2 different report/layouts here.