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Countdown Show

Question asked by fscales on Nov 9, 2015

I have built a FM solution that I used to organize and write a weekly 2-hour  music radio countdown show. I primarily wanted to have consistency with Songs/run times/word counts/  (thing important to a timed show and script).  It consists of a few tables:

Artists (1 artist per record)

Songs  (1 song per record)

Song History  (as a new show's 22 songs are entered in main script, this is flushed and re-imported to create updated chart history. Record for every song and position. Thousands of records. )

Main Script  - new record every week.  (fields of importance:  date, 22 song positions that get populated from "Songs" table pull-down that change weekly)


My question - what would be the most efficient way in FM to have a reference in my main script that would allow me to see the history of each particular song.  Say for example  - if SONG_A is in the #17 spot this week, but was at #19 last week, at #20 the week before that.   How can I create an optional pop up view for every position in my script that gives me a quick history reference list.  I need this historical data as I write the script.  Creating the popup isn't the problem, the table relationship is where I need help.

(Think Casey Kasem counting down the hits...that's similar to what I have to write.  "Moving up 2 this's SONG_A")