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File numbers including a period and sequence order

Question asked by LynneaKleinschmidt on Nov 9, 2015
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I am using FileMaker Pro 13 for cataloging photographs.  I have created a unique numbering system and am inputting numbers in a number box.  I catalog photos as groups whenever they are shot at the same time, but each photo must have a unique number.  For example:  2001, 2001.1, 2001.2 indicate three photos taken at the same time.

This works fine until I get to 2001.10 and higher numbers.


Photoshop will sort the file numbers correctly, but FileMaker Pro 13 does this:  2051.1, 2051.10, 2051.11, 2051.2


Is there an easy fix for this?


Lynnea Kleinschmidt