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    File numbers including a period and sequence order


      I am using FileMaker Pro 13 for cataloging photographs.  I have created a unique numbering system and am inputting numbers in a number box.  I catalog photos as groups whenever they are shot at the same time, but each photo must have a unique number.  For example:  2001, 2001.1, 2001.2 indicate three photos taken at the same time.

      This works fine until I get to 2001.10 and higher numbers.


      Photoshop will sort the file numbers correctly, but FileMaker Pro 13 does this:  2051.1, 2051.10, 2051.11, 2051.2


      Is there an easy fix for this?


      Lynnea Kleinschmidt

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          Hi Lynnea,



          The heart of the issue is that you aren't actually entering numbers, but ID sequences that resemble numbers.


          One fix while keeping this a Number field is to change your data entry so that you add leading zeros to the value after the decimal.

          2001, 2001.1, 2001.2 should be entered as 2001, 2001.001, 2001.002 ... and so on up to 2001.020...and beyond to a maximum of 2001.999.


          If you expect to never move beyond 100 photos in a group, you can use only one leading zero, i.e.

          2001, 2001.01, 2001.02... 2001.20 ... 2001.99


          If you want to keep your current system of entering the IDs, you'll first need to change the field to be a Text

          field instead of a Number field since FileMaker will treat 2051.2 the same as 2051.20 due to them expressing

          the same numeric value.

          Then create a new, calculated field that will be used for sorting.

          If your ID field is called PhotoID, something like the following may work.


          cPhotoID_SortKey = (returns a Text value)




          IDList = Substitute(PhotoID; "."; "¶");

          groupNum = Right("000000" & GetValue(IDList;1); 6);

          idxNum = Right("000000" & GetValue(IDList;2); 6)


          groupNum & "." & idxNum






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            Thanks for the clarification.  I do see what you are saying.




            Since I have over 680 records input now, and this sequence order problem is affecting only a very small number, I think I’ll just stick with the current scheme.  I do have a simple, but effective plan for all this work, so I will just have to take care to note this issue in my documentation.