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Importing into a clone /  recovering a corrupted file

Question asked by mdiehr on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Markus Schneider

I have a large FMP12 database that I believe is corrupt.  The symptoms are that when running on FMS14 server, the backups occasionally fail consistency check.   However, I copy the "corrupt" file to another machine and run FMP14's consistency check and/or recover operations, the file almost always comes back clean. 


Although this happened shortly after some OS software updates and the FMS14v3, I have since run tests by reinstalling the OS and going back to FMS14v1, and to rule out hardware changes I swapped out the SSD and RAM on the server.   The behavior remains the same (occasional consistency check failures).  


So I'm now thinking the most likely issue is some sort of subtle corruption within the FMP12 file.


My plan is to take the structure from a Cloned backup that (hopefully) pre-dates the corruption and then use a bunch of import script steps to re-import the data from a recovered version of the latest data file.


Is this a reasonable plan?


  • I am writing scripts that import data into each table. 
  • Each table will be imported with "Perform Lookups/Auto Enter Calcs" OFF.
  • After each table import, I use SetNextSerial with the SerialIncrement() function to properly update the serial numbers as needed.
  • All of my tables with globals have a single record to import (as I believe that's the only way to get Globals to import).


Are there any other "gotchas" or things I need to worry about when using this technique?