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    assign script to an object - interface issue

    Markus Schneider

      when defining a script for a button, the dialog doesnt have a 'OK' button. There is just the 'x' in the upper right corner (Windows)


      this is misleading. When assigning something, there should be a way to cancel and a wa to accept. I entered this as afeature requestas well - but after working for some time under Windows/FM14, it looks more like an issue..


      - create a butten in layout mode

      - assign a script (double click on the button to get the dialog)

      - the dialog doesn't have buttons to accept or cancel

      - if one presses the 'x' in the upper right corner, the script is still assigned


      to de-assign, one has to set the action to 'nothing' - but that's not so clear...

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          Markus Schneider:


          Thank you for your post.


          When creating a button, there are three actions: Do Nothing, Single Step and Perform Script.  If you select "Perform Script", then a list of Scripts will be presented, and once you click the desired script, the OK button becomes active.  If you click Cancel, you will return to the default state "Do Nothing".  If you did select a script and you want to cancel, then you must change the action to "Do Nothing", and I believe this is the basis of your post.


          There are no plans at this time to change the interface, so I recommend you also post this to the "Suggest an Idea" board at:

          Product Ideas



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Markus Schneider

            thank You very much for Your answer!


            I already created an entry in product ideas a while back - but since almost every other dialog had/has buttons for accept ('OK') and cancel, I entered this as issue as well -

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              I have to rant for just a moment.  The idea of just closing a dialog and having it's content saved is a very Mac-friendly though anti-Windows approach.  It is one of many, many interface concepts that have been added to FMP over the past 2-4 years that are still, after all this time, truly frustrating for those of us who use Windows because we find such Mac behaviors annoying.  But then, I accept that we are working with a product that is owned by Apple (now more prominently than ever) and they have a lot of self-interest in designing and promoting it as such, for better or worse.  Since the vast majority of FM developers are Mac-based, there aren't a lot of complaints.  So as a Windows-based developer, I more often just curse FM at my desk and hold my tongue publicly (believe it or not; but you brought it up) ;-)

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                +1, although the FMI's affiliation to Apple is not my matter : I (naively?) really don't think it make a difference and overall, i don't care.


                But yes, this "widget interface" here is really counter-productive and immature : If the goal was to have a floating window and being able to modify button's object easily, it is a BIG FAIL; since when you change the focus of a button to another in layout mode, this floating window does not work and, moreover, you see less information than with the old interface (have to hover script name area to see script parameter -- far of friendly) ... 0 (ZERO) point for that...

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                  It's not as if Mac users have been sending feature requests for less

                  explicit UI controls.


                  Work around: after closing the object using Undo to return the object to

                  it's previous state.




                  ps: in the Mac camp, if we don't like something new in the UI, we blame