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Copy paste from document

Question asked by on Nov 10, 2015
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Good morning

I have a problem that I can not solve.

Currently the company have the SO Windows and version 13 of FileMaker.

We recently moved from version 11 to 13 of filemaker.


The problem is the following:

if i copy a string to a word document (or excel) formatted with character "Calibri" size 12 (for example) and paste it into a text field, formatted with font "Arial" size 14, the string is kept glued with formatting the copied text (character "Calibri" size 12).


In version 11 of filemaker this did not happen.

It was maintained formatting defined field (character "Arial" size 14).


This is a problem because my database has some fields with formatting font and size other than the default. I do not have the uniformity that I had in version 11.


How can I solve this problem?


Thank you.