Pop up fields automatically pick a value when clicked

Discussion created by ryanmead83 on Nov 10, 2015

Not sure if this is a setting or just another issue with FM running on a high DPI display.  Some of my fields are Pop ups but I have weird issues with them.  For example if I click in one, it pops open, and then immediately closes selecting whatever my mouse was on.  It's almost like old school Mac OS X (I'm running Windows 10 though) where you have to keep the mouse button held down to select something.  Usually if I try it again it works as expected the second time.


I also experience this if I have a tab order set where the order goes from a text field, to a pop up one.  When I type in the text field and press tab to go to the pop up one, it automatically opens it which isn't how most pop ups work (if you tab into a pop up field in a web browser you can use the arrow keys up and down or can just tab to the next field.  That one isn't as big of an issue but it's annoying when it does it as if there's already a value selected and you click it or tab into it, it pops open selecting something else which drives me crazy.  Is this a setting or something?