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Portal filter fails in FMGo 14

Discussion created by Benjamin Fehr on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by Benjamin Fehr

Product and version: FMGo 14.0.4 and prior

OS and version: iOS 9.x

Hardware: iPhone 5S, iPad mini

Description: a Portal with 2 filters works in FMP14, fails in FMGo 14

How to replicate: Build a portal with 2 filters: one is a global $$Var, second is value of a global field

Workaround: none found yet


1. Filter sets character of Adress (Company | Person ),

2. Filter triggers a "search-follows-input" trigger


AD_AD_rel1::Auswahl = $$Filter



IstLeer (LEGENDS::_search_value)


MusterAnzahl ( AD_AD_rel1::f_adress_horiz_s ; LEGENDS::_search_value ) > 0



• Screenshot shows comparison between FMPA14 AND FMGo14

• Portal is embedded in a Popover

• tests with portal not in Popover also failed XFMGo14_Portalfilter_fail.png