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How do I use lower and is like together In ExecuteSQL

Question asked by glorifindal on Nov 10, 2015
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Greetings from East Asia,


I'm struggling with ExecuteSQL just now - simple queries are no problem, but mixing commands can be kind of confusing. I end up creating special fields to do what I need - which is rubbish of course.

An example I am trying is as follows:



$_val = Get(ScriptParameter) ;

$_query =

"SELECT id FROM SQLProj WHERE SQLName LIKE '%" & ? & "%' " ;

fieldsep = "" ;

rowsep = "" ;

$_result =

ExecuteSQL( $_query; fieldsep ; rowsep ; $_val )

] ; "" )



The problem with the above is that the field named "SQLName" is a calculated field. It does two things - it calculates from a field with a space in the name and also uses Lower( Project Name ) - It must be possible to use raw SQL for this. LIKE is case-sensitive, and I suppose escaping "Project Name" with back-slashes should work - but I cannot get them to work together.


Any help greatly appreciated...