Get ( ScriptResult ) behaviour in FMS14

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I am calling a script on the server FMS13v5 from a client file locally run by FMP13v5. Unfortunately if the remote script gets disconnected by the server there is no error reported. Easy to replicate with the debugger and the admin console kicking off the client.


Also calling Get ( ScriptResult ) still recalls the result from the previously completed remote script's result.

To clear the memory of Get ( ScriptResult ) I am now calling an empty placebo script before calling the server script so Get ( ScriptResult ) would be empty if the remote script won't terminate.


I would prefer to get an error though if a remote script fails and the server reports error 30 as the occurring event.


Now my question is how does it behave in FMS14?

Apparently networking as advertised promises major improvements. Does FMS14 return an error or resets at least the script result on interrupts?


Thank you!


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