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    Validation script


      Can I used OnObjectValidate to run a search of all the records prior to the validation? My validation field is auto pop: Player  & "|" & Manufacturer & "|" & Team & "|" & Year & "|" & Card # & "|" & Location. The validation is Card # & "|" & Location. I would like the validation to do a search of Name and Card #, prior to the validation, and then only display if there is a record found.

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          Name would be Player, then why don't you validate Player and Card#, instead of Card# and Location ?


          If you want to use trigger, you can set onObjectValidate to Card# and Location, then after changing either fields the trigger will fire.

          But I got bad result using it.


          I prefer entering the 2 fields in find mode, then if not found, create record and go next steps.