How to find number of records by state

Discussion created by cmahan on Nov 10, 2015
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I have a small database (500 records) and I'm trying to get a calculation of how many records per state and I'm not getting very far. 


I spent a lot of time on this page trying all three methods but none worked, so clearly I'm too much of a novice and information is missing (using Filemaker 13 so the executeSQL should work, I think but it didn't).

Counting the number of unique values in a field | FileMaker


Ultimately, I need to know the number of records by state so I can find a average score for all the records in that state (so if I have 3 records in CA and they have scores of 1, 5 and 10, I would have 16/3 = 5 (would be great if I could round it off).


Any help is appreciated (I may end up doing to by hand since, while this seems simple, is perhaps beyond me).