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Pop ups in a portal will not display properly if...

Question asked by on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by jbrown

I have run into a strange, "blip" when you put a pop up button in a portal.


I have a pop up button that has a portal in it. Let's call it, "Pop-Portal". So far so good.


Now on my entry screen, I have a portal. Let's call it, "Entry-Portal". And once again, all is well.


So if I take my button with, "Pop Portal" in it, and place it in my "Entry Portal", and go into browse mode, the Pop up button will only appear on the first line of the Entry Portal. (Kinda like if you have something in a portal and it's sitting one pixel past the top line of the portal so it only appears on the first record.


So here's the really interesting part:


The database is served on Filemaker Server, and anyone running the database at the client over their network can see there is nothing wrong, and everything works. But for remote users logging in (like I do to author it), you only get the pop up button on the first line.


If you delete the portal, "Pop Portal" inside the Pop Up button, then the Pop Up button will appear on every line in the "Entry Portal".


Such an odd little bug. Luckily for me, the person using this screen is always at the client, where it works just fine. So for now, I'm OK.


I will "pre-apologize" if this is documented or posted somewhere else as I must admit I did not look around.


On the positive side on Pop Up buttons, I could not live without them now, especially in portals!