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    Data Lookup


      Can someone please describe how to create a solution whereby I can place a number into a unique customer ID field that will look up a customers details and transfer the relevant information?

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          Unfortunately there is not enough information in your post to recommend a solution.

          What exactly are you trying to do with FileMaker?

          Have you worked through the FileMaker training series?

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            Yes I am currently going through the Training Series but still unable to achieve what I need. I am attempting to create my own estimates file whereby I can have a scroll down list of all existing customers that I can allocate to the new estimate.but I am finding this too difficult to achieve. I am so frustrated with working on this solution that I thought maybe easier to just have a Customer ID no that i can use to import the customer details to use for the estimate. Maybe you can suggest something easier?

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              As a start do you have tables for Customers and Estimates?

              If not then create them.

              Each table should have a primary key field defined as either an auto enter serial number or the result of Get (UUID). The estimates table should have a field that serves as a foreign key to the Customer primary key.



              fields for customer data





              Fields for data about the estimate.


              Once you have this setup join the Customers pk_ID to the Estimates fk_Customer_ID in the relationships graph.

              Once you have the join setup you can...

              From a layout based on Customers put a portal that shows all estimates for the customer.


              From a layout based on Estimates see the related customer data.


              If you need customers as a list for populating a dropdown/popup control then define the value list as getting the data from the customers table.

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                Thanks very much for the response. I have already done all that you had described from reading the manual however, the portal still doesn't show any of the fields from the related table. They are just blank fields which cant be edited either. I realise that III m missing something but cant seem to work t out.


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                  Did you open the demo file?

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                    I have the demo Estimate file open for reference purposes but haven't linked it at all.


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                      i posted a demo file for you to look at in this thread

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                        The demo is exactly what I am attempting to achieve. Could you please explain how to create a foreign key field as the manual is quoting "open INSPECTOR" but im not finding it anywhere. Again Im very grateful for your assistance.