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    Value lists


      I currently have a table called clients with corresponding layout. I have another table called actions in which I store to do items and I have a mother table called Content


      Content::ContentID=Action::ContentID  Action::ClientID=Client::ClientID




      when adding an action I want to pull up a value list of Content that belongs to the client. everything works the I include all values, but I get all content regardless of client. I have tried using another table occurrence "Content list for clients" (will rename if it works) and that's

      Content list for clients::ClientID=Client::ClientID

      See below


      That doesn't work and I can't think why, any ideas?




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          Show only related values starting from Clients. Showing all shows everything.

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            I did that but nothing came up

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              I think this has to do with how your relationship is setup. I am not sure exactly how you want it, but it seems you may not be properly relating the content to the client. I am assuming one client can have many contents and no one content will have more than one client associated.


              If you insist on having this actions table in the middle you may want to have a duplicate table of both clients and content and relate them for a VL. Clients::_kp_clients_id = Content::_kf_clients_id. I would have this setup this way and just have a table for actions as a VL to populate a field in the Content table but again I do not know what you are doing exactly.

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                Just to be clear actions would be an unrelated table that holds values for the list.

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                  Your assumptions are correct 1 client can have many contents but each content has only one client.


                  My problem is that I don't just have content, I have events and other things that all have actions








                  I also have a portal in the clients record that shows relevant actions to that client. and if I move the actions to the other side of contacts it will effect the portal.


                  I have tried having a separate occurrence of clients and content but that didn't work either.


                  maybe I can create a list with a script? any ideas?