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Perform script from file incorrectly reports "(file not open)"

Question asked by ryantittle on Nov 11, 2015

This has happened to me twice now. Once today, once yesterday. I have a script in FileA that calls a script in FileB. Normally works fine. Both files are set up as external data sources for each other. Both are hosted on the same machine running FMS 14. When trying to run the script I received an error. If I then open the script workspace it shows Perform Script <unknown> from file: "FileB" (file not open). Both files are currently open on my machine using the same [Full Access] account.


If I place a field from FileB on a layout, it shows '<Connection Lost>' when in browse mode, though I can still see all of the table/field names when placing the field on the layout, so at least some info from FileB seems to have been retained by FileA. From the perspective of FileB, all FileA data/scripts are still available.


Closing and re-opening the files seems to resolve the issue, but that's not really much of an answer.


Any idea what could be causing this "lost connection", and why it would only be lost one-way?