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Conditional visibility in portal fields ignores sorting

Question asked by sieglind on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2015 by sieglind

Hello to all the clever people out there!

I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong or if I have discovered a bug:


Application tracks projects which are made of multiple components (units). Here is my layout problem:


Layout based on table "ProjectHeader"

Portal shows related records from table "ProjectUnit"

The portal is sorted by date in descending order.

I have 2 sets of same fields in the portal with conditional visibility, that is, I want to hide the fields which can be edited when the status of the unit is "confirmed" (an invoice has been issued) and show the "pink" set which cannot be edited.


This works fine with a single line entry but when there are multiple lines, the "confirmed" fields show in the first portal row even though the actual record is in a different row, in this case the 3rd.

Note: The Supplier field displays from a related record to "ProjectUnit", hence the name displayed is correct for the first portal row but the other fields for this record are covered by the "pink" fields which should sit in row 3.


I attach 2 screen shots: First showing the portal when no records are confirmed and second when one record has been confirmed.


Am I doing something wrong? or is this weird?