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Records showing up in report that were filtered out

Question asked by MikeWile on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

I have a layout based on PRODUCT. There is a portal on the layout that references another referenced TO. I start out with 5700 records. I perform a search to filter out records I don’t want in a report.


I end up with 117 records. This is all performed in a script. The script then moves to the report layout (which is also based on the PRODUCT table). When the report is generated, I am seeing records that were omitted from the search. Any thoughts on why this would happen?


The records were filtered out so that the only ones that should show are ones where the second column contained different codes. So the first three  and the fifth were filtered out because there was only one code. The fourth was filtered out because the codes were all "PU." So the only one in this section of the report that should be listed is the 9781284000108 record. As I said, before I created the report, I stopped the script and made sure these were not in the found record set. They weren't.


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