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Using FileMaker software on a computer running virtual environment software

Question asked by srzuch on Nov 11, 2015
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Can someone please clarify this knowledge base article (#6594) -


Using FileMaker software on a computer running virtual environment software | FileMaker


"The FileMaker End User License Agreement allows you to install and use only one copy of the Software on a single computer at a time. Even though both Windows and Macintosh versions of the Software may be provided in multiple languages, you are only licensed to use one version of the Software on one platform (i.e., the Windows or OS X version) in one language at a time. You may not run or use more than one instance of the Software on the same computer (e.g., using virtualization or other technologies, such as Parallels, VMware, etc.) at the same time."


I believe, because of the "install and use" restriction,  I can install the software under both operating systems, but only use (run) one at a time?  This is an "and" condition, not an "or" condition.


I will be using FileMaker under OS X, but may have clients or other users (with there own copies of FIleMaker) who are using Windows. I would want to use the Windows installation for testing purposes?  In rare (if any) instances, I also may want to use Windows for creating a Windows runtime.


The actual license does allow me to install the software on both a work computer and a home laptop, so I guess, if for some reason I am restricted to even having the software installed on my Mac twice, I can use my Windows laptop for testing?


Thanks for any clarification.