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Multiple FileMaker databases on a single server

Question asked by john.stevens on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by john.stevens

So I assume this is possible, but either I'm searching for the question incorrectly or it is so basic that there is no documentation on it:


Can I use a single FileMaker Server to host multiple databases, have different entrance portals and access screens, and create users/groups (or preferably LDAP authentication) to access it all? If so can you point me to training / documentation on it so I can read up?


For reference we've got ~5 FileMaker Pro databases using .fm5 - .fm7 that are running on multiple Windows Server 2003 systems. We are decommissioning all of our 2003 servers and I would rather just stand up a single FM server and have it host all the databases. We will be upgrading all the databases to the same set, fm14. I have ready everything on the upgrades and looks like that will work fine.


Also I am not DBA, but a systems administrator who got this task.