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FileMaker crashes when zooming google maps in web viewer

Question asked by Beat on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by Beat

We are using FM Server 12 on Windows Server 12 and FMP 12 / FMPA 12 on MacOS 10.8.5. We have an application where we can visualize addresses on google maps in a web viewer. We also use a couple of add ons with the map like StyledMarker, richmarker and markerclusterer.That worked very well for a couple of years.

Since one week we have a serious problem. As soon as somebody clicks the zoom in or zoom out button on the map FileMaker closes immediately. Sometimes it is possible to zoom a couple of times but most of the times FM crashes right away.

How can this happen? May it be caused from a change at Googles?


We write an html file combined with data from the database to disk an then open it in the web viewer. The same file opened in a browser does not cause any problems.


Any hints or workarounds are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.