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interactive portals not loading

Question asked by szeigen on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by szeigen

I am running FileMaker Pro server 14 using Windows 2008 Server. I have both Mac OSX (10.9.5) and Windows 7 (Home Premium and Pro) computers, 5 in all, that are unable to view PDFs stored in interactive containers. The containers are set to External Storage. The documents are present on the computer in the expected folder. I have tried all the suggested fixes with regards to Internet Explorer and the Reader add-on (uninstalled, re-installed, restart, etc). In addition, over a WAN I cannot view these PDFs and port 16000 is opened on the router


Is there some sort of setting within FMS14S that is preventing PDFs from being visible inside a container? HELP!


Scott Zeigen

medDB, LLC