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    interactive portals not loading


      I am running FileMaker Pro server 14 using Windows 2008 Server. I have both Mac OSX (10.9.5) and Windows 7 (Home Premium and Pro) computers, 5 in all, that are unable to view PDFs stored in interactive containers. The containers are set to External Storage. The documents are present on the computer in the expected folder. I have tried all the suggested fixes with regards to Internet Explorer and the Reader add-on (uninstalled, re-installed, restart, etc). In addition, over a WAN I cannot view these PDFs and port 16000 is opened on the router


      Is there some sort of setting within FMS14S that is preventing PDFs from being visible inside a container? HELP!


      Scott Zeigen

      medDB, LLC

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          Is it a problem with all the PDF's?

          How are the PDF's inserted into the file?

          Are you able to access/export the files through the containers (even though you can't view them)?

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            Sorry all, I misspoke! The interactive container is on a layout not a portal (my bad!) The field is set to external storage! The clients are either FM13 or FM13A with FMS14 running on W2008S-R2 with 16 GB RAM.


            The question has come up as to the version of PDF (1 or 1.5 or 2). Does this matter?


            The PDF is being dragged into the field, not using the Insert PDF menu option! Even when we script the creation of the record and then fill the container, the same issue happens! If we export the container field and then load it into a webviewer, it works as expected. This leads us to believe that the Acrobat Reader is properly installed.


            PLEASE keep in mind this problem is across all OS's under our control ...W7Home, W7Pro, W8.1, OSX 10.9 ... we are thinking therefore this is a FileMaker Pro 14 server issue running in Windows 2008 Server.


            This solution was going to be deployed in medical office needing document management, however, with this ubiquitous problem across all available operating systems, it cannot. I know from reading other posts and web searches I am not alone with this interactive container field issue with PDFs!