lookup table/field possible solution for a range of numbers?

Discussion created by bobinaustin on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by greatgrey

so i have a db i am working on for helping track my diabetes.  i want to be able to enter a field for my sugar level which will be any number between 100 and 500.  I would like to have a field that will return a number to a field bases on a set of ranges for how much insulin to take.  what i mean is, if he number i enter into the Reading field is between 100 and 150 i want the Injection field to read 10, if the Reading field is between 151 and 200 i want the injection field to read 11.  etc. 


I am thinking this will be a calculation or lookup table, but i am unfamiliar with the look table and how to design it.  any help would be appreciated.