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    Any luck updating FMServer FDS?


      Currently trying to update the Developer Subscription Server version without any luck.

      On OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite.


      All I get is a spinning wheel of death and the application is not responding.

      It does not matter even if I stop the whole server process.


      Has anyone managed an update to FDS License version?

      In my mind the software should be same as normal license and update just fine.

      I'm beginning to question if it's my own machine that is acting up.



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          Hi Thomas,

          I tried to install the FMS 14.0.4 update released today on my development server.  It installed ok and runs.  However the fmsadmin app wont run and I can only access the console using localhost.


          I was able to download FMS 14.0.2 as the FDS version.  Haven't looked to see if they updated it since then.



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            Thanks Bruce,

            The current FDS Server version to download is

            Now that you mention it, even when the updater kept hanging and I hand to force quit it, now I can access the Admin Console via localhost only too.


            My guess is that download is a different build from the normal version.

            A little weird that being FDS we can't get up to the latest version via same updates, needing to reinstall the whole deal.

            It's the developer that needs to be ahead of the curve, at least so I thought.