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How can I turn a portal into a pulldown menu?

Question asked by GregoryLypny on Nov 13, 2015
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Hello everyone,


I have a self-join table used by a portal to display a list of dates representing all of the records for a person in my database; there are many entries for a person, each one on a different date. The portal is a handy way to navigate through all of a person's records: click on a date, and you go to the related record. The only downside is that the portal list takes up a fair bit of space, even if only two or three rows are displayed. So my question is whether I can display the list of dates from the related field in the portal as a pulldown menu. I could then select a date from the menu and go to the record I want to see. I'm guessing it involves the use of a value list set to the related dates field.


And a smaller question about portal behaviour in general: is there a way to have a certain portal row highlighted? If I am viewing a record with a date field whose value is 2015-09-27, I would like the portal row (self-join) with that date highlighted when I land on the record with that date.


Any tips would be much appreciated,