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14.0v4 Web Server and Fmsadmin commands Broken

Question asked by JeffHenry on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by JeffHenry

I installed the 14.0v4 update on a machine running Yosemite just now. After successfully installing and restarting the machine. The Web Server is greyed out and running a re-deployment of the server shows an issue with port 80 on the machine. I ran the Port Scan in the Network Utility and noticed that neither Port 80 or Port 443 are open. This would probably explain why the Web Server fails to run. I also found that terminal commands no longer recognize the fmsadmin command.


This has happened on two separate machines. One other machine we updated didn't have this issue, yet.


I'm looking to uninstall and re-install an older version of FMS. Will re-installing an older version (14,0v1) recognize and host the original database files?


I need this fixed as soon as possible. I have many clients that use our server for FileMaker Hosting and need web direct functionality.