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    List(fields here) and List (Fields here) next to each other on an email


      Happy Friday the 13th!!


      Question, I have a dbase for Projects which include an area for account numbers and the percentage of use on each. The email script includes this

      "¶¶Account number to invoice against:   ¶" &List(AV Projects::project_account) & "¶Percentages per each account number:¶"&List(AV Projects::project_account_percentage) &

      For one of the records the email looks like this:

      Account number to invoice against:  

      account number 1

      account number 2

      account 4

      Percentages per each account number:





      Is there a way to have them show up like this?

      Account number     Percentage

      account number 1     22.5%

      account number 2     30%

      account 4                  47%


      FYI - Both the project_account and project_account_percentage are repeating fields (5) .