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Slow printing PDFs

Question asked by ZorDesign on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by Sol Rodriguez

Product and version FileMaker Pro/Advanced 14.0.3

OS and version Windows 8


Description When printing PDFs generated with FileMaker's Save Records as PDF, the PDF is generated fairly quickly in FileMaker but subsequent printing from PDF viewer is very slow. The PDF viewer reports "flattening" so I am guessing that transparency is the culprit here. The problem is only seen with PDFs saved using modern, CSS based layouts. PDFs saved from layouts based on Classic print instantly.

Obviously it would be great to leverage FileMakers new styles to help implementing corporate identity and a uniform report design.

How to replicate Use any layout based on a modern (i.e. non-Classic) style

Workaround Change layout to Classic theme. But this shouldn't be necessary with the third main version of FileMaker using modern styles.