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Export a Record From One Table to Another

Question asked by jprochniak on Nov 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by keywords

Ok Filemaker folks, I've combed the community and have been unable to come up with the solution to what I'm trying to do and hoping that you can help. I'm basically trying to export a record from one table to another through use of a button.



I have a table, let's call it Table A, in which pilot training records, both data (various demographics) and containers (scanned PDFs of documentation), are kept. The data kept in Table A is only the most current training information. I have also created a second table, let's call it Table B, in which historic pilot training data is kept. This historic data must be kept for regulatory reasons.



What I'd like to do is create a button by which the data and containers in Table A are moved to Table B so that it can be archived, leaving the exported fields blank on Table A and able to be filled with the new information.


Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance!