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FM Go Offline Sync (Primary Key)

Question asked by stiflermt on Nov 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by klickagent

Dear FM Experts,


I would appreciate some insight on how best to take the following scenario, I have had a quick look within the community but could not find anything pertaining to my particular concern.


My solution is made up of a central database hosted on FM server 14 and around 10 iPads for data capture (due to the requirement of signature capture). Some of the sites were data capture is needed have no wifi and very poor if any 4G connectivity, hence this brings up the issue of offline data capture and eventual syncing to the master database.


Originally I planed to export the data from FM GO to XLS and modify the primary key field value so as to be unique, followed by which they would be manually imported into the DB, unfortunately this solution is not ideal due to the data held in the container filed being lost.


Is there a way to Sync FM GO whist ensuring that records entered always have a unique key (the filed is set as a serial number field in the master database). Is my understanding correct if I do not add the field to the IPAD data entry screen, when the time comes to sync FM server will generate a primary key automatically?


Finally I would like to wipe all records from the iPAD when the sync is complete, my understanding is that this can easily be done via a script.


Any feedback re the above is appreciated