Multiple separate searches in one layout

Discussion created by karlbase on Nov 13, 2015
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I have an Access database from 25 years ago, which i would want to bring over to FileMaker now.

It would have to accomplish a trivial task, but i just can't find out if or how this is possible.


Within one layout it should be possible to have three separate sections, each with a table-view of about 10 records of a single connected database-table. Pressing a key (F1) would focus on the first field of the first table-view waiting for an entry of a search term. After typing a word and pressing enter it will find and show the records within table-view #1 (the window with the name "F1" in the attached image).

When pressing the F2-key it should focus on the first field of table-view #2. I do another search within this table-view. It will find the appropriate records and show them in table-view #2. Now the important part: The first query in the table-view #1 needs to stay as it was.

Same thing for table #3: Searching in table-view #3 will show the results there, but the previous searches in table-views #1 and #2 stay there unchanged.

In Microsoft Access we had three macros, each opening and focussing on one of three table-views, each in a separate window, which was fine.


The only solution i found for FileMaker so far is to allow sharing of the database and then, on the same computer, open thee separate windows with "Open Remote", which doesn't seem to be a really reliable option. But maybe this would be ok. If this is the only way to accomplish this: how would i make a script that would bring window #1 in front when pressing the F1-key etc.?access-several-queries-screenshot-small.jpg