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    Trying to collect import file data


      Hello, all!


      I would like to take the "Last Updated" date from an excel spreadsheet and add it to a global field in one of my tables when I import data from that document.  I don't need the date it was imported, I need the date in which the import file was last updated.  Any suggestions?


      I'm running FMPA 13 and am an intermediate user (doesn't necessarily mean I know what I'm doing, I just know how to get things to work whether it's the fastest way or not).


      Thanks you for your help with this!



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          The auto-enter date field would give you the date the data was imported. You can find the LAST date that was created.


          Does that help?


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            That is helpful to know, but doesn't help in this situation.  The particular problem that I run into is that I can import a file anytime....Sometimes days after receiving an excel file.  So, if I import Monday's data today,  I don't want mislead users to think the data is the most up-to-date.  I may just have to deal with it, but I'm hopeful that's not the case.

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              How do you know that the import is "Monday's data"? If you have something (in the file name or ??), then this might be what I do:


              1. create a timestamp (not just date) field in the import table. Make it auto-enter.


              2. create a table for logging imports. it would have a timestamp (foreign key). it would also have other fields (your choice) for whatever you want to help you know what the import was about. and most importantly it would have a date field letting me know that this is "monday's data".


              3. relate the two table on the timestamp fields and make the relationship allow creation of related records in the logging table.


              4. now you can script setting the fields (all but the timestamp field) in the logging table. because it's a relationship, the foreign key will fill in automatically.


              because they are related, you can see in your import table the related date field (from the logging table) what is "monday's data".