Using MYSQL as external database

Discussion created by stiflermt on Nov 14, 2015
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To whom it may concern,


I am demoing Filemaker for the purposes of a project I am undertaking. It seems to fit my needs perfectly, but I have one small concern that I would appreciate clarification.


The solution will be based on Filemaker server with a number of IPads acting as data input terminals, The database will be a external mysql backend database (hence file maker will act as the CRUD GUI for end users). My concern is that the solution must capture signatures, I know this is possible using the built in file maker database, but since I would like to use an external database is this possible?


My idea was to change the settings of the container filed to store the captured signatures in external storage, hence my understanding is that a file reference would than be stored in the field and hence a text filed as opposed to BLOB in mysql (unsupported in file maker) would suffice.


Your feedback re the above is appreciated