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    Working with "long" portals


      I have in my database, portals which contain a good bit of information (300 to 400) records.  Which causes the user for continually be working at the bottom of the portal.  Scrolling down one record at a time becomes annoying.  I was hoping that the might be one or two tricks to avoid this:


      1. filter the portal by a limited number of records?

      2. have the portal "self" scroll in some way?


      Any thoughts?

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          Why not take them to a related list view instead? If they're doing that much "work" in the portal, it might make more sense to give them a fully-fledged list view.


          Also, you may want to have "always display scroll bar" set up, so they can click the empty space to page up or down on their own.


          Lastly, you can script portal navigation using the "Go To Portal Row" script step. It supports first, last, next, previous and a number by calculation.


          The Get(ActivePortalRowNumber) function will also come in handy if you decide to script Go To Portal Row by calculation.