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Filemaker 14.0.4 freezes on iMac with El Capitan

Question asked by danlab on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by danlab

I have just bought and  installed FMPro advanced v14.0.4 on my iMac (see config below). When I double-click on the app to start it, it freezes and I have to do a force-quit every time. I have tried to reinstall 3 times and get the same problem.


If I double-click on a "Getting Started" file in the FMPro14 install folder, I get a message that the file cannot be opened with FMPro 13, which is the default application to open .fmp12 extension files.


If I drag that same "Getting Started" Filemaker file installed in the Filemaker install folder, the FMPro advanced v 14 opens that file and I can use it fine. Then if I close the above file keeping the Filemaker app open, I can then create a new database and configure the tables, fields, layouts, etc. just fine


System config (in french)


Note that the drive is a fusion drive with a 250Go SSD and 1To SATA


FM v14.0.4 seems to work on other similar iMacs

Any ideas on what could be wrong with the combination of FMPro 14.0.4 and my system config. ? Thank you all...