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Popover and Drop down Question

Question asked by JackShuler on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by JackShuler

I am between beginner and intermediate in my understanding of Filemaker.

I have FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced on latest Mac OS


I am using the Assets starter solution for a book library. I would like to put a field called “classification” on the layout and when selected it would drop down and show the 23 main categories and then select one of them and show the subcategory for that main category. Then be able to select the subcategory for storage in the classification field.


I have tried to put a portal in a popup with buttons for the main category that would open another popup for subcategory , only to find that Filemaker will allow you to do that but it won’t allow it to work.


I know that I could put everything a value list, but with all the main and subcategories there would be over 500 to chose from. any suggestions would appreciated.