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    Need Guidance On Table Setup and Layout


      Hey Everyone,


      Im creating a salesboard application that tracks monthly stats and i need some advice and help.  Currently right now i have a employees table that stores name, employee id, birthday , address...etc.  I have another table called Salesboard which is where you would enter the employees stats for the month. However two things im struggling with.



      Issue 1

      1. I want to have the data listed for all the employees for the month on one screen. This would be displayed on a tv. Id imagine i would do this in report view.


      Table 1 Employees.

      Primary Key -Employee ID

      Field 1-Full Name


      Table 2 Sales board.

      Foreign Key is Employee ID

      Field 1-Full Name  This should all be pre-populated from Employees Table.


      How do i get the sales board layout to pre-populate all employees names that are taken from the employees table ?


      Issue 2


      What is the easiest way to end the month and start the month and zero out all employee data and make that as a record to go back to as a reference. For ex the data below would be the month of October. Id want to use this as an archive.


      Full Name Field          New Cars      Used Cars

      John Smith                       2                    5

      Ray  Charles                    1                    7


      I dont know if over complicating this by having multiple tables . Please let me know your input . Thanks and appreciate all your help.


      Ray Z