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Prevent user from changing a Checkbox?

Question asked by Appogee on Nov 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2015 by Appogee

Hello everyone.  I'm new to Filemaker and trialling v14.  Over the past week my skills have improved significantly thanks to the many useful discussions in this community and its predecessor.


But I've come up against a problem that I can't seem to solve...


I have a single Checkbox which is set up as a Boolean button.   When this checkbox is clicked, I use the Button Action [TblMyInventory::Owned; not TblMyInventory::Owned] to toggle the value between zero and non-zero.   The data formatting for this Checkbox is set up so that non-zero is displayed as the character "☑" and zero is displayed as the character "☐".    In this way, the user sees a "blank ballot box" character, clicks it and sees a "ticked ballot box" character, clicks it again and sees a "blank ballot box" character, etc.


I need a script which prevents users from clicking on and changing this checkbox.   The checkbox needs to remain visible - but not changeable.


I tried using a script with the Script Trigger OnObjectEnter.  It should have moved the cursor to the next field.  However, while this script worked on standard fields, it would not work on this checkbox.  


Can anyone help me to solve this?    Thanks in advance for your advice.